Album of the Week: Florist | Florist

Spanning nearly an hour’s worth of collaborative joy, Florist’s self-titled 4th LP was recorded outside the Brooklyn-based band’s home in a rented house up the Hudson Valley.

There are many moments in time that I find myself wishing my life was more like Florist with its peace, easy pace, and beauty wrapped around deceptively simple words and songs. As if life can be that uncluttered.

Florist is:

Emily Sprague – songs, vocals, guitars, synthesizers
Jonnie Baker – guitars, synthesizers, sampling, bowed guitars & bass, saxophone, vocals
Rick Spataro – bass, vocals, recording engineer, piano, synthesizers Felix Walworth – percussion, vocals, synthesizers, guitars

Call Florist singer/songwriter music or folk or as the band put it (better): 19 tracks that culminate the decade-long journey of friendship and collaboration. In some ways I’m reminded of Big Thief’s recent and lovely Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You for its similar sense of a group of people who are so at ease making music together, listening almost feels like an intrusion on private moments.

Bath in the warmth of Florist and you may come out feeling renewed.