4 The Vinyl Store Rue des Dames Scented Candle

I was talking to my friend and colleague Ingo Schultz of FIDELITY Magazine the other day, and we got into the smell of old records, old books, and used book shops.

And Ingo said, “There’s a candle that’s meant to smell like a record store.”

And I said, “No Way!”

And Ingo, said, “Way!”

And I said, “No Way!”

(OK, that last bit didn’t really happen but I thought it added to the story)

Me being me, I ran to my keyboard and searched on “record store candle” and low and behold, Ingo wasn’t pulling my nose!

The 4 The Vinyl Store Rue des Dames Scented Candle is made by Lola James Harper. The story:

No, Way!

Lola James Harper makes a number of place-sented candles and I have to say, why not? The descriptions alone are worth the read. Each of the 190G candles are $50 so I’m thinking I’d rather buy some used records and smell them, if its and either/or kinda deal.

Website: Lola James Harper