Twittering Machines News: Videos!

Beginning next month, Patrons of Twittering Machines will be treated to exclusive videos. I know, what took me so long.

The simple answer is I didn’t want to add to the ever-increasing pile of crappy quality videos that clog YouTube and ask for our time and attention. But after many months of waffling and poor excuses, I am committed to jumping into the potentially wonderful world of video with both feet.

Existing Patrons have already seen an intro video, which was also available for a limited time as a TM Instagram story. Subjects will include product reviews, thoughts on hifi, music, and other odds and ends that will be in keeping with our interests and obsessions.

If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Patron, this may be the perfect time to jump in and join.

Patreon Perks

  • A Monthly List of 5 Favorite Test Tracks
  • Exclusive Videos (coming November 2021)
  • Advance Notice of Upcoming Reviews
  • Monthly List of 5 Favorites Covering the Span of Twittering Machines Topics
  • Monthly Playlists
  • Exclusive Thoughts on HiFi
  • One-on-One Phone Time