Twittering Machines Favorite Amplifier of 2022

Without amplifiers, speakers would remain silent. And if you think it’s all about power, I have a history book that says otherwise if you’re looking for humanness.

Twittering Machines Favorite Amplifier of 2022

Riviera Labs APL10 Preamplifier ($17,500) & AFM25 Monoblock Amplifiers ($32,800/pair) | Review

The Riviera Labs separates checked every box on my favorite amplifier list and added a few new ones to boot.

From my review:

The Riviera Labs PL10 Preamplifier & AFM25 Monoblock Amplifiers worked like archeologists of sound on all of the music I sent their way, turning reproduction into an experience worthy of all the time and attention I had to offer. For people who like to listen, I can think of no greater compliment or recommendation.

Runners Up

Constellation Audio Inspiration Integrated 1.0 ($16,500) | Review

NAD M10 V2 Streaming Amplifier ($2749) | Review

LSA VT-70 Integrated Tube Amplifier ($1399) | Review