TM Video News: Q&A Coming Soon

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the Barn. Lots of gear coming in, many reviews to be written, at least one BIG surprise is in the works, and a few more videos in the can, as it were.

Two of which are of the Q&A variety where Instagram followers asked questions and I answered ’em. I really enjoyed this format so you can expect to see more Q&A videos on our YouTube channel as a regular kinda thing. If you visit the TM YouTube channel, hit that Subscribe button so you don’t miss anything, including our second Listening in the Barn video.

I am also very pleased to share that our first Listening in the Barn video has reached over 30k views as I type. To my mind, the stars of this video are the Klipsch Cornwall IV, Felix Integrated amp, the Barn and the music which was the plan all along. Of course there’d be no video without the fine work of Jana Dagdagan who shot, edited, and really directed what you see and hear.

Jana and I will be working together on an ongoing basis so you can expect the same level of quality from every TM video. (yay!)