TM Select: Desktop System ($5,786)

You have to have room for this system but if you do, and the price is right, you need look no further.

Focal Solo6 Be Powered Studio Monitor ($1,299.00/each)

By far the best desktop monitor I’ve heard, the Focal Solo6 Be is a beast on the desktop (and in a small/medium room). That’s a 6 1/5″ woofer so you need space to accommodate a 13″H x 9 7/16″L x 11 7/16″D (330mm x 240mm x 290mm) box. The Solo6 are front-ported which gives some leeway in terms of how close they can sit to the wall behind them. Warning: your music coming out of these will drive you to distraction.

Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ ($2,198.00)

The Brooklyn DAC+ can handle any music format you throw at it but of greater importance it makes all of your music sound  lovely. Paired with the Focals, you’ve got a concert hall on your desk. The Mytek requires some setup on your computer which you can read in the Brooklyn manual.

Cables. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all need ’em. When putting together a system like this, cables play a part in how the system sounds. I own and use Tellurium Q Black cables so they are my recommendation here. Tellurium Q Black USB cable ($375/1m) and Black XLR cable ($615/1.5m). The USB cable runs between your computer and the Mytek DAC and the XLRs connect the DAC to the Focal speakers.

Shopping List

Focal Solo6 Be 6.5″ Powered Studio Monitor
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
Tellurium Q