TM Reviewer: Phil Wright

Editor: Please join me in welcoming Phil Wright to our review team. Phil also writes for my pal John Darko and I look forward to sharing his voice on TM.

Welcome to Phil Wright, Twittering Machines’ reviewer across the pond in the UK. Based in South Devon only a mile from the SW Coast Path trail and 20 minutes from brooding Dartmoor, it’s surprising he gets time for music. It’s in his blood though, thanks to being schooled by his best friend, now a top UK saxophonist. He firmly believes there are two types of music—good and bad. Good being what is good for you, forget everyone else. Throbbing Gristle excluded.
The broad-church approach extends to audio equipment—you like what you like. The same with formats. He happens to be digital-only but that’s only to avoid spreading funds too thinly. Besides he secretly hankers after that Thorens 124 he let go oh so long ago. Also writing for our good friend Darko, which indicates a pragmatic approach to reviewing—forget ideologies, how does it sound? Oh and less is more—goodhifi should be seen not heard.
One of these went on to play main stage at Glastonbury in 2018. One went on to play rugby. Badly. You decide which.
Main system
  • Roon ROCK on NUC, with Tidal
  • Pro-ject Stream Ultra streamer
  • Mytek Liberty DAC with SBooster 12V power supply
  • Ayre AX-7e (only thing that hasn’t changed in the last 12 months!)
  • Graham Audio LS6 speakers on dedicated stands – the BBC-sound brought up to date
  • Tellurium Q Black 2 cables.

Also available
  • Allo USBridge Streamer with SBooster 5V supply
  • Allo Digione streamer
  • Meze 99 Classic headphones
  • Arcam rHead headphone amp
  • IsoAcoustic Aperta 200 stands – these things are amazing
  • Audioquest Dragonfly Black
  • LG V30 phone – brilliant with USB Audio Player Pro
  • Audirvana+ on a Windows 10 laptop
  • Bose Mini Soundlink 2 – guilty pleasure.