HiFiQA.com: A (nice) place to talk about hi-fi

I have issues with some hi-fi forums. Namely, rudeness, personal attacks, off-topic rambling, and utter nonsense pretending to be the truth. When left unchecked, this kind of behavior can fester and infect a forum faster than you can say unmoderated. My friend John Darko and I have been talking about this so we decided to do something about it—create a place where people can talk about hi-fi without the nonsense. Welcome to hifiqa.com.

There are but three simple House Rules for participation on hifiqa.com:

1. Good vibes only
2. Stay on topic
3. Declare any hi-fi industry affiliations

Registered users can answer and ask questions which will be posted as long as they adhere to the Rules. It’s easy, it’s fun, and there’s a lot more to come.

Ask. Answer. Enjoy.

This also means I’m shutting down the “Questions…” category here since I’ll be asking (and answering) questions there.