Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

The (last?) Lovable Audiophile

You have to go back to Jean-Jacques Beineix’s Diva from 1981 to find as lovable an audiophile as Jules. His infatuation with Diva Cynthia Hawkins, portrayed by none other than Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez, leads him into the most madcap audiophile adventure ever put to film.


Here at Twittering Machines (TM), we take the enjoyment to be found in listening to recorded music seriously—as seriously as we take any of our other passions.

Question: Who Wants Lovely Music?

Back when I was editor of AudioStream, I ran a feature most Mondays called “Lovely Recordings” and it was one of my favorite things about AS. For those who are not familiar with Lovely, the posts were reader-submitted lists of some favorite music with explanations about why this music was special. Note, they were not reviews. They were, ideally, stories.

Road Tour: Fi

Did you ever wonder what the inside of a Fi looks like? Between the sheets, so to speak? I’m not talking about capacitor types and signal path lengths, I’m talking about seeing past the parts into the heart and soul of the beast to have a look at what makes it tick. I had the good fortune along with Stephen

Playing It Over and Over, by Herbert Reichert

I was born in Chicago in 1949. I was a skinny feminine nerdy kid that couldn’t sit still. I didn’t talk. I was a ‘rocker’. I called it “bouncing”. Whenever I sat in a chair, I rocked back-and-forth. My parents were embarrassed and none of the kids wanted to be near me. I felt like an alien. That is the