CAF 2022: Alma Music & Audio and On A Higher Note’s (Midrange) Magic

Distributor Phillip O’Hanlon of On A Higher Note knows how to put on a show.

The monstrously good Limited Edition (100) Derek Hughes Signature Series Graham Audio LS8/1 ($9700/pair w/stands) were driven to musical heights by the Moonriver Model 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier ($4995 + 549 w/optional phono module).

the gear sits on an Artesania Audio Prestige 3 Level rack ($5800)

The Moonriver Model 505 Hybrid Stereo Phono Stage ($TBD) handled the signal from a bold red Brinkmann Modi Turntable + Thor linear tracking tonearm ($17,000) mounted with the Hana ML (for Michael Lavorgna?) Low Output MC Cartridge ($1200). Cables from Kubala-Sosna were in use throughout while acoustic panels from NEMESIS ($600/ea.) helped tame the room.


O’Hanlon, who pours a smooth finger of whiskey and introduces each song with a delightful story, talks about midrange magic but I put midrange in quotes in the post title because this system was pure magic, delivering grace, charm, and intimacy by the bucket.