Day: November 13, 2018

Review: HoloAudio Azure Headphone Amplifier

What kind of idea are you? The Analyst? Are you the detail hound looking to plumb the depths of your favorite recordings? Or maybe the Sensualist? You’re looking for a dynamic, captivating and more physical listening experience? While no one is any one thing and we all likely look for a balance of talents, I […]

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NY Audio Show 2018: The Wrap

There are things I like about the NY Audio Show and there are things I do not like about the NY Audio Show. Let’s start with the bad.

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NY Audio Show 2018: The Rooms (Part 2)

I’m presenting my NY Audio Show coverage in the order I moved around the show—namely, I started at the top, Floor 9, and worked my way down. See Part 1 for the beginning. Enjoy!

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